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Add an Item from Price List

Price List is a database of items and products / services of your suppliers.

You can add items from your price list to your costing. The benefit of adding items from Price Lists, in lieu of adding unique items is that there would be a link created automatically between the items and it's origin in the database. If you update the price, product or information of a Price List item, you have the opportunity to update your costing at the same time. It provides the confidence of having an always-up-to-date costing of your job.


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How to Add items from Price List

  1. Goto Cost Estimate > Items
  2. Select the Project / WBS node that you want to add the new item
  3. click Add Item button in the Items Group

 Add Item from Price List

  1. On the Add Items page, make sure the correct Costing and WBS is selected
  2. On the Pricelists tab, select the Price List heading and the category to find the items
  3. Click on the Price list item pops up on the list, and click Add button.


Close this page one you added the items you needed for your project, and refresh the Items page to see all the added items.