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Bill of Quantities (Items)

The Bill of Quantities is a document that provides project specific measured quantities of the items of work identified by the drawings and specifications.

In this page, we can add, measure, and cost all the items of the projects and organise them in a proper WBS (Work Breakdown Structure)


To get to the BOQ page, Click on the Cost Estimate module and click on Items:


Items Overview

BOQ page is divided into three sections: Tools (Ribbon), Project / WBS Explorer, and Items List:

Breinz Items BOQ Overview


Bill of Quantity Tools (Ribbon)

We have three different sets of tools in BOQ page. To navigate and switch between these three tabs (ribbons), click on Items, Views, and Others buttons on the Ribbon tab:

Items ribbon:


  1. Open the WBS Headings page to Edit / Create WBS Headings (Workd Breakdow Structure) to organise Items
  2. Open the Projects Page (Learn here)
  3. Navigate to WBS (Learn here)
  4. Navigate to Items (This Page)
  5. Navigate to Reports Page
  6. Group and rearrange items in WBS
  7. Create a Specification Sheet for your project: Organise items in a spec sheet and print it for your customers
  8. Create a Upgrade sheet for your job
  9. Arrange Colour Selection Sheet
  10. Refresh the BOQ Page
  11. Save all the changes in the Items List
  12. Recalculate quantities and update all the formulas
  13. Renew the prices of all the items that imported from the price list: Creates a list of all the items that the prices of their original item in the Price List has changed. (Learn how to update the prices here)
  14. Open the Selected Item
  15. Add a new Item from a price list or from another costing (learn how to add items here)
  16. Add a unique item in the selected WBS (learn here)
  17. Copy the selected item into clipboard
  18. Paste the copied item from clipboard
  19. Delete the selected item
  20. Attach file to selected item
  21. Duplicate the selected item: make an identical item from the selected item.
  22. Group and rearrange only selected items into different WBSs
  23. Select all the items in the selected WBS
  24. Deselect all the items in the selected WBS
  25. Adjust the prices of the selected items by the percentage specified in the box
  26. Switch On the selected items (by switching On/Off an Item, you still have the item in your Costing / Specification, but doesn't count in the quantities or the total price of the project)
  27. Switch Off the selected items (excludes the item from your costing)
  28. Re-arrange and re-index the items in your costing.

View ribbon:

  1. Refresh the page
  2. Create a New View
  3. Quick edit / save all the items in the list
  4. Align Top / Middle / Bottom
  5. Edit the selected View: Change the columns, their names, sorting, and behaviour
  6. Duplicate the selected view
  7. See the list of columns you can add to the list
  8. Change your view
  9. Hide the switched off items and show only items that are included in the costing
  10. Highlight the included items
  11. Show a summary of the selected quantities on the button right corner of the page:


Other (Reports and Converting) ribbon:


  1. Create a new Bid (Tender) for the selected / all the items in the list
  2. Create a new Order for the selected / all the items in the list
  3. Create a new Invoice for the selected / all the items in the list
  4. Create a new Quote for the selected / all the items in the list
  5. Create a new Variation for the selected / all the items in the list
  6. Export the items to an Excel Sheet
  7. Create a Profit and Loss Report for the Items level
  8. Create a report of all the PS/PC items (Read about PS/PC Items here)
  9. Create a Bill of Quantity Report of all the items
  10. Create a Bill of Quantity Report with prices of all the items
  11. Create a Report of all the items with their suppliers
  12. Create a Report of the Suppliers chosen for the Costing and the list of items they provide
  13. Limit all the above reports to the Selected WBS or Only Included items by check / uncheck the options

Projects / WBS Explorer

Using the WBS Explorer on the left side of the page, we can switch between projects, and navigate through WBSs:

  1. Switch Between Projects / WBS
  2. Switch to another EPS Heading to find Projects (Learn about EPS Headings here)
  3. Select an EPS Node to filter projects
  4. Use this section to find your project within the selected EPS
  5. The Project Name
  6. Costings associated to the Project
  7. Select your WBS Heading (Watch this video)
  8. Hide / Show empty WBSs (The nodes that doesn't have any items in it)
  9. Filter / Search WBS Nodes
  10. List of all the nodes

Learn how to use Items List