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Create a new Costing from another job

Once you created your project (learn how to create a project here), you can create a new costing by coping all or some specific data from another job.


Selecting a Project

To copy a costing, we need to select the destination Project:

1. Select the Project in which you want to create a new costing.

2. Click on the Copy button on the Costing Group.


Copying a Costing

To Create a new Costing from another job:

1. one the Copy Costing page is open, make sure the correct destination Project is selected.

2. Give the costing a name, like "Main house estimate", or "Landscaping", or "Attached Granny Flat"

3. Select the Source Costing from the drop down menu.

4. From the options, select the information you need to copy from the original costing. Make sure you have copied all the information you need, otherwise, you need to delete the newly created costing and start the copying process from step one.

5. Click on the Copy button to start the process. Copying might take a bit of time. So, be patient while all the information are being copied.

You'll be notified one everything is successfully copied.