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Add a Unique item into Costing

A unique item is an item not found in the Price Lists database and created only for a specific job.

Almost every job has a unique work item such as a special timber moulding, or an unusual type of fiber-optic cable.

You can use the Cost Estimate > Items > Items Group > Add Row button for these types of items and define the same values for this item that the database does for standard items.

Within the appropriate WBS node, the unique item shows up on the estimate just as any other item would.


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Adding a Unique Item

  1. Goto Cost Estimate > Items
  2. Select the Project / WBS node that you want to add the new item
  3. click Add Row button in the Items Group
  4. Fill the information on the newly created line, and hit the Save button on the line.

 Breinz Add a unique item