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Create a New WBS Heading

WBS Headings are created in the WBS Page. to get to the WBS page, Click on the Cost Estimate Module, then click WBS button.


To open WBS Headings, click on the WBS button on the left side of the ribbon:

Once clicked, Edit Heading page will open.

On this page you can:

  1. Create New Headings by clicking the + Heading button
  2. Edit the Heading Name and code and Save
  3. Delete a heading
  4. Edit Structure (Add/Remove/Edit Nodes)
  5. Integrate WBS With Xero: Import your cost codes from Xero and match with Breinz


Create a New WBS Heading

To Create a New WBS Heading, Click + Heading button, give it a Name and code, then click on Save Changes.

Once a WBS Heading is created, you can edit the structure of it and Add / Edit Nodes by Clicking Edit Structure button. (Learn how to Edit Structure)

By Making a Heading as a template, you can create multiple headings based on this heading. To set is as a template, check "Set As Template" checkbox and hit Save Changes.


Share a WBS Heading

You can share a WBS Heading between projects. To share a heading, make sure it is not Private to a costing, by unchecking Private Check box.

Select the costing with witch you want to share the costing from the drop down menu, and click add.

To unshare a heading, click on delete row button close to a costing name.