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Edit Projects

  1. To edit a project, you need to select the project first. (Cost Estimate > Projects > Select your EPS > Select your Project)
  2. Once you selected your project, click on the Open Project button on the Projects Group.


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General Tab

In General Tab, we store the general information about the project.

  1. Refresh the Page
  2. Save Changes
  3. Open EPS page to edit Enterprise Project Structure to organise project
  4. Delete Project (can be restored)
  5. Project Information form
  6. Delete Project Permanently (Can't be restored)



Organise the project in different EPS Headings (Enterprise Project Structure).

Select your EPS Node and click Save to put the Project into an EPS.

Click EPS button to create / edit the EPS Headings.


Permissions Tab

To give permissions to access to the Project, we use Permission tab.

Select the user you want to give permission to from the User dropdown list, select the Permission Level (No Permission, View, or Edit) and click Give Permission button.

To remove permission from a user. click on the X button on the users list.


Costings Tab

You can find the list of all the costings for this Project on this tab.

Click + Costing button to add a new Costing to this Project. (Learn how to create a new Project)


Clients Tab

Create / Edit / Delete Clients of this Project in this tab.

1. Click on the + Client to add a new Client.

2. Fill the information on the form

3. Click on the Update Row button on the left side of the line


Clients are used in Progress Claim and Variation Pages.