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Organising Projects - Enterprise Project Structure

The EPS (Enterprise Project Structure) is a logical, meaningful, hierarchical arrangement of all the projects in your organization.

This is a view of the company showing its areas of operations.

  • EPS is a hierarchical arrangement of projects in an organization.
  • EPS has a Main/Root Node (EPS Heading) and several Nodes and Sub-Nodes defining the various fields this Enterprise is involved in.
  • Once defined, the EPS does not change dramatically or frequently. It only needs suitable modifications sometimes.
  • The EPS is available to all existing and future projects in the Enterprise.

We use EPS to organise our projects. Every EPS has a name, we call it "EPS Heading". An example of an EPS Heading can be Queensland, and EPS Nodes can be the cities, suburbs, etc..


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How to Create an EPS Heading

In order to create a Heading, go to Cost Estimate > Projects > EPS

EPS Headings Overview

  1. Create a new Heading. You can as many as EPS Heading you like and sort your projects in different headings.
  2. List of all the EPS Headings of your company
  3. Save the changes you made on Heading Details (items 6)
  4. Delete Selected Heading
  5. Edit the Structure
  6. Heading Details. Make Changes and click Save to save changes