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Projects Overview

Projects works like a folder on the Costings or Jobs. We use projects to organize Costings.

See how the Hierarchy in Breinz Works


To get to the Projects Page, click on the Cost Estimate Module and Click on Projects:

Navigate To Projects


Projects Overview

Breinz Projects Overview


Projects Ribbon

Projects Ribbon

  1. Open the EPS page to Edit / Create Enterprise Project Structure. It is used to organise Projects
  2. Open the Projects Page (This Page)
  3. Navigate to WBS (Cost Codes)
  4. Navigate to Items
  5. Navigate to Reports Page
  6. Create a New Project (Learn how to create a new Project)
  7. Open the Selected Project to Edit
  8. Delete the Selected Project and all of it's Costings
  9. Create a New Costing (Job) for the Selected Project (Learn how to create a new Costing)
  10. Setup the Margins and Markups for the Selected Job
  11. Open the Selected Costing to Edit
  12. Copy a Costing, Delete the Selected Costing, Define Contract Stages, and Map your Costings with Xero
  13. Refresh the Page
  14. Create a New View
  15. Quick Edit the Columns in the View
  16. Edit the selected View
  17. Duplicate the Selected View
  18. Edit Columns
  19. Change the View
  20. Show all the Archived Projects in the Selected EPS
  21. Show all the Deleted Projects in the Selected EPS
  22. Create a Budget Report

EPS Explorer

Organise your Projects in EPS (Enterprise Project Structure) Nodes in this Side Column

  1. Change the Heading (Current Structure)
  2. Edit the Structure in the Structures Page
  3. Add a New Node to the Root
  4. Add a New Node Under the Selected Node
  5. Click to Select / Change the EPS