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Update Prices of an existing Costing

The cost of some items or the price of some products might change during the life of the project.

To track the changes and update the prices of a job:


1. Click on the Cost Estimate Module, go to Items page, Select your Costing

2. Click on the Renew bottom under the Items Tab to open the Update Prices Page


Update Prices

If you update the Original Price List Items and Products, you can update the related items in this section.

On this page, you can see the list of all the items that has a different price from the original Price List item in the Suppliers Section.


1. To update all the items, click on the Renew Items. Clicking this button can change the price of your project / Costing.

2. To update the products of all the items, excel these ones, click on Update bottom. Clicking this will update all the products of all the items in your costing, except the items listed. The effect wouldn't change the total cost of the Project / Costing.

3. To update the price of an individual item, click on the small update button close to item name.