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Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

In Breinz, we use structures a lot. Structures are used to organize Projects, Items, Trades, Suppliers, Pricelists, and etc...

According to, A work breakdown structure (WBS) is a key project deliverable that organizes the team's work into manageable sections.

The Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) defines the work breakdown structure as a "deliverable oriented hierarchical decomposition of the work to be executed by the project team."

The work breakdown structure visually defines the scope into manageable chunks that a project team can understand, as each level of the work breakdown structure provides further definition and detail

When creating a project, the project manager typically develops the WBS first, assigns documents to each WBS element, and then add Items to it.

You can Organize your items into Nodes of a WBS. You can have multiple WBS headings for each Costing.

To create a WBS, you need to create a Heading for it, or use a pre-defined WBS heading from other projects or templates.


To get to the WBS Page, Click on the Cost Estimate Module and click WBS

Navigate to WBS


Learn how to create a WBS Heading


WBS Overview

WBS Page is divided into three sections: Tools (Ribbon), Projects and WBS List:

WBS Overview


WBS Tools (Ribbon)

Breinz WBS Tools Ribbon

  1. Open the WBS Headings page to Edit / Create WBS Headings (Workd Breakdow Structure) to organiseItems
  2. Open the Projects Page (Learn here)
  3. Navigate to WBS(This Page)
  4. Navigate to Items (Learn here)
  5. Navigate to Reports Page
  6. Edit the WBS Structure in Structures page (Learn here)
  7. Add a new Item to the selected WBS (Learn here)
  8. Order all the items in the selected WBS
  9. Create a new Invoice for all the items in the selected WBS
  10. Map / Integrate the WBS with the cost codes (accounts) in Xero/
  11. Create a new bid (tender) for the items in the selected WBS
  12. Refresh the Page
  13. Create a New View
  14. Quick Edit the Columns in the View
  15. Edit the selected View
  16. Duplicate the Selected View
  17. Edit Columns
  18. Change the View
  19. Hide the WBS nodes with no items in it
  20. Create a Budget Report
  21. Create Profit & Lost report
  22. Create a detailed Profit & Lost report