Edit Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) nodes

A structure is a hierarchical arrangement of the projects, items, products and services produced during and by a project.

The project is the highest level of the WBS while an individual item required to create a product or service is the lowest level.


To edit a WBS, go to Projects page, select a Project, and click on the WBS tab. On the Work Breakdown Structures card, click on the hierarchy button in the WBS List:

Edit Structure: Overview

  1. Edit the WBS name and code. Also, you can make a WBS a template for other structures.
  2. Edit the selected node's parent, name, code, and sorting index.
  3. Add a new Node at the same level as the selected node
  4. Add a new Child for the selected node
  5. Delete the selected node. A node can be deleted if there is no items associated with it.
  6. Copy from templates: a structure can be created from an existing template. Breinz has some built in templates which can be used from the list.
  7. Settings: Some options helping create a structure quicker.
  8. Search for a node in the WBS

Add a new node

  1. to add a new node a the same level of the selected node, click on the plus button. To add a child for the selected node, click on the hierarchy button.
  2. Select the parent node,give it a name and a code (optional) and click on Add New button.

Edit a node

  1. To edit a node, select it and click on the edit button. (number 2 on the overview list)
  2. Fill the information and click on Save button.

Create a structure from a template

  1. To create a structure from a template, click on the templates  button. (number 6 on the overview list)
  2. Select the a template from the drop down menu and Fill the information and click on Delete nodes and copy from template button.