Price Lists

Price Lists contain a collection of items, products, and cost information created by Breinz suppliers, or your suppliers.

You can have as many Price Lists as you want. Items in Price Lists can be imported to a costing to use the prices and products to build up an estimate.

To access to price lists, click on the Quick Access button on top right corner of the page and select Price Lists:


  1. Options: To create a new heading (price list), Edit heading's name, and change the structure, use this button
  2. Switch between Price lists
  3. List of categories of the Price List items in each Price List
  4. Price List Item

Creating a new Price List

To create a price list, click on the Options Menu (Item no 1 on the above list) and select New Heading.

Give your price list a name and a code and click on Add New button.

The new price list will be added to the list. Select it from the drop down menu to use.

Editing a Price List name

To edit a price list's name, select the price list from the drop down menu of the lists, and on the options menu , select Edit Heading.

Deleting a price list

To delete a price list, select it from the drop down menu and click on the Options menu , click on the Edit Heading button.

Click on the Delete button on the opened dialog, and confirm the delete.


Learn how to Build Up a Price List here.