User interface

Breinz has a user friendly and responsive user interface, designed to feel like many of the popular software and tools to make it easy to navigate and work with.

This section will .

In this article you'll learn to use Breinz user interface and highlight key features for navigation and usability. You'll learn to navigate Breinz modules and use common navigation and screen elements. Mastery of these concepts is important, because it will improve your speed during working with Breinz. 

Breinz has eleven modules including: Projects, WBS, Items, Tenders, Quotes, ...

Breinz main page includes several screen elements:

Left Side bar

  1. You can always switch between your companies by clicking on the company name at the top left side of the screen in the side bar.
  2. You can always switch between modules using the link here.
  3. Filter the projects list by clicking on the Filter Projects button. Learn how to sort and filter here.
  4. You can always see and open your Project at the left side of the screen in the side bar.


Top bar

  1. To hide the side bar to have more working space, click on this button. Click again to bring back the side bar.
  2. Page title is always on top to help you find yourself working with Breinz.
  3. Integration button to open the set up page of integration.
  4. Quick access helps you to get to Suppliers, Price-list, and Documents with a single click.
  5. Access to user's profile, admin panel, this help center, and log off.


Top ribbon

  1. On top of all the pages, you always can see the "selected project" code and name and the Costing name.
  2. Toggle List View / Item View
  3. Add New Project or costing in the Projects page.
  4. Reload the page using this button and select the costing using button. Learn more about costings and switching between them here.